A few weeks back we celebrated our friend Chris' bday. For his birthday his wife planned the sweetest surprise pajama cereal party packed with the cutest party hats, taste testing, games, and more. I set up a photobooth and the wives got together and made some props. It was a ton of fun and a night well spent eating cereal and rocking pjs.

It was a blast and it was fun to come together to surprise Chris with all of our combined talents.

I can't help but think often about how lucky we are to have made the sweetest friends since we moved to Charleston and I feel like we are fortunate enough to add more couples to the list every year who are going through professional school just like we are. It's nice to have other women to talk to who understand how hard it is to stare at the back of your husband's head because his face is planted in some form of a medical textbook.

I will have to share soon the video of one of the games we played that night that required quite a bit of jumping. Jord had me rolling on the floor because he kept laughing/crying out about how much cereal he had and how he couldn't jump anymore.

But for now -- one more photo.