Lately I have serious obsession with cotton.

Just ask my family who stopped three times on the way home for the holidays so we could stop and I could go twirl around and take photos.

Not to mention I may or may not, have fallen up a large hill and gotten cuts and mud everywhere just so Jord could take the photo above. Let's just say I prefer to be clothed in cotton.

No judgement people. This is a safe space.

This photo may not look like Thanksgiving to you but this what ours looked like. My sweet great-grandmother, Evesmama, turned 100 years old and it was such a blessing to able to share that day with her.

When you are little, you are naive, and you don't realize yet how important life is and how quickly it can change in an instant when you lose a loved one. When I was little I had no idea that I would see her make this age in my lifetime or that she would make it at all to this age. She is a bit of wisdom that one.

I am actually working on a photo project about her life so I won't share with you all of the tidbits that she has shared but let me just tell you -- if you thought 100 years old is a feat let me add that she still has a current driver's license and takes care of her own garden.

Thanksgiving was by far one of my favorite days this year.

Movember is over and as knarley as my pirate/bloom husband was...I can't say I miss it.
November lost me somewhere along the way and I could pretend I didn't know when, why, or how it happened but I do know.

Around the last time I posted a few of my friends that were do within days/weeks of me had their babies.

It's an unfortunate thing to feel the way I did about their news and it's something I'm not proud of. I tried extremely hard to be a better person and not think about the fact that it just so happens the holidays are here.

I crowded my schedule, our schedule with anything and everything you could imagine and left this blog in the dusk.

Please allow me to share some of my favorite memories that have made life easier lately in the next few blog posts.