I've been thinking a lot recently about why I want to have this blog? Why do I keep writing on it? In essence, why do I blog?

When you see or read articles like this all the time -- why in the world would anyone want to keep blogging?

I may have mentioned before that once upon a time I shared our family life on a blog, our old blog, husband and me. This blog was a place for everything and had a good readership but after trying many different ways to sustain that blog one day I got real with myself, threw my hands in the air, and wrote my last post on husband and me.

It took six months to figure out what was nagging me so bad about that blog. I think it was the pressure I felt to blog about things that were unrealistic -- I felt like I couldn't just say I have bad days, I'm not perfect, I sometimes just want to wear jeans all week, I only cooked one meal this week, we have stayed inside for the past three weekends in a row because we are exhausted and school is killing us, we have a dog, we aren't ready for children yet, etc...

Why did I feel so much pressure? Well because I was too worried about what other people thought.


After taking those six months off I finally realized that I wanted to blog -- it was for myself, for our families that live far away and for my future children. I've always enjoyed writing, I mean I got my undergrad degree in journalism, of course I like to write. However, I cannot get myself to write in a journal for an extended period anymore. But I can bring myself to blog. So for no other reason than I want my children to see past glimpses into what life was like before them -- I'll be here blogging from here on out.