I don't think we have carved a pumpkin since our first year of marriage. (circa 2008 below)

And we definitely haven't dress up since then. (Dr. and Pepper -- I had taken off my shaker box by this point -- also circa 2008)

I have to admit holiday festivities are not something we (Jordan) really gets into and let's be honest it's not really that fun if you do it yourself. He tries really hard though for the most part. 

Well this year while we still didn't dress up we did manage to carve a pumpkin once again. It was mostly do to our fun friends who are good at these types of things -- we are going to blame it on their three kids and our none kids whatsoever. 

We decided to go with "the bowtied pumpkin." Nice, right? The original plan was a giant U in honor of our Utes, especially after that win against Stanford. But then they had to go and lose to Arizona. Real cool Utes! We still love you. 

It's supposed to be pumpkin that looks like Jord with a bowtie and some awesome glasses. 

Did we succeed? Looks just like him right. ;)