With the anniversary of 9/11 today, for the first time ever I couldn't help but think about our future children. September 11th was the day the word fear became a reality for me. It was the day that started America's change forever and I'm not sure if it will ever get back to what it was before that day. Growing up I always had a thing for history. Yes I know, nerd alert. But I loved it. Regardless, of that love though every story always felt like the subject I was learning, history.  That was until, 9/11. Suddenly, history became my reality and I was living it. Wars were real. Hatrid was real. Fear could be a feeling. It is my deepest hope that my children never experience something like that. That history will never become their reality. It will be something that just lives in a textbook and seems unimaginable. I hope that I can teach them to love America without them having to experience a tragedy like this. I will never forget. We will never forget.