I teach the young women, teenagers, at our church and this last week we decided we ladies would participate in a media fast on Sunday's for the month of September. 

Easy squeezy right? I mean I already don't blog on Sunday and I'm good at that. So this should be simple.

Or so I thought. 

The fast goes as follows:

First Sunday - One item
Second Sunday - First Sunday item + one more item
Third Sunday - First/Second item + one more item
And so on and so on. 

Sunday was the first of day and I had to give up pinterest for the day. Oh boy. I don't consider myself to be very addicted to pinterest but I will say it is very easy to get lost in it's grasp. But then again, we have been trying new lifestyle choices around our household and so I've begin to plan family meals for the week on Sundays. Thus, I had to put off my Sunday meal planning until Monday. I thought it wouldn't be hard but it was crazy just how hard it was for me and yesterday it hit me, that it wasn't just a day, it is all of September. 

It made me realize just how impacted I am by different media being in my home which is exactly why we are doing it. I am very surprised I learned that on the very first Sunday when I thought for sure this was going to be a breeze for me. I also learned how much I need to be filling up my time with better things. Because I wasn't on pinterest I decided to read some talks instead. 

I have a long way to go. 

Next week maybe I can get Jord to join. :)