Cooking is something I have never made time for, for several reasons, but the excuse I liked to use the most was how Jordan and I were on completely different schedules. 

Over the summer we decided we would get real with ourselves on several levels and one of those levels was creating a new budget that worked better for our family. 

We have always given food the pass in our budget because well it's food, and food is a necessity right? Bologna. 

As we started to go through our food budget I was ready to hurl over and throw up at how much money we were spending. We were acting like we did when we were younger, before marriage, and it was ridiculous. 

I started thinking of ways we could make a difference and obviously the normal response was cooking. Don't judge us but I have no idea what we were thinking before. 

We have been going strong for over a month now and cooking has become my new favorite thing. 

And Jord even thinks I'm a good cook. (or atleast he acts like I am...)

Maybe if I start to feel confident enough I'll even share some recipes with you. Doubtful. :)