^^^ Downtown Charleston, September 2013 ^^^

So I joined a book club... kind of. 

The book club meetings are on Thursday nights while I'm teaching photography courses so I don't technically go. But I'm reading the books so that counts as being a member right? Sure. 

Our first book was -- The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society -- and while with the first glance at the outside cover I performed an over the top eye roll. I really did enjoy the book. 

There were a lot of characters and so I was constantly paging back and forth but in all honestly I give it atleast a 7 out of 10 -- maybe higher -- and so maybe you want to read it too. 

On top of just my general notion that I think reading can offer continuous education -- what was that doozy of a sentence -- I was amazed at how much better I rested after reading before bed instead of that constant streaming of HIMYM replays. 

So maybe I'm on to something...
Jordan is 29! 

Last year in his twenties. 

It's hard to believe that I met him when he was just 22. We have celebrated six of his birthdays together. 

This 28th year of his life has been an incredible, yet challenging year for us both. 

Last year at this time Jord had just had his accident (another time) and was learning to walk again on that bad foot. He couldn't run, he had a boot, and he was either in crutches or sporting a cane. I can't remember. It was a hard time for him and I he could have cared less about turning 28. 

Today he is having one of the hardest days/weeks of pharmacy school thus far but is doing so with such optimism. He went for a run the other day for the first time since the accident and he sees more progression everyday. 

29 will be a big year for him. He will finish up his didactic years of pharmacy and he will start his last year of pharmacy school. Oh boy!

I couldn't be more proud to stand next to Jordan as his wife. He works so hard for our family and has such a great outlook on what is truly important. He has accomplished so much and I know that he will continue to do so this year. 

Happy Birthday Jord! You are the sunshine in my life!

One of my favorite things about Charleston is the friendships we have made. There are so many couples we have met through pharmacy school and church that we became fast friends with right away.

Lately, on Fridays, we have homemade pizza night with a few of our closest friends and then we go out for a while and play games or watch movies. It's a blast.

Last week we made BBQ Chicken pizza, Pepperoni pizza, and Pepper pizza. Followed up with some beach walking and game night. 

Tonight I plan on making Peach Chicken pizza. I'll let you know how that goes. Can't wait to see what the other families are making. 

Also, we have an Emergency Preparedness activity tomorrow that I'm shooting. Maybe I'll come back with some great tips on that topic. 

Enjoy your weekend friends! 

With the anniversary of 9/11 today, for the first time ever I couldn't help but think about our future children. September 11th was the day the word fear became a reality for me. It was the day that started America's change forever and I'm not sure if it will ever get back to what it was before that day. Growing up I always had a thing for history. Yes I know, nerd alert. But I loved it. Regardless, of that love though every story always felt like the subject I was learning, history.  That was until, 9/11. Suddenly, history became my reality and I was living it. Wars were real. Hatrid was real. Fear could be a feeling. It is my deepest hope that my children never experience something like that. That history will never become their reality. It will be something that just lives in a textbook and seems unimaginable. I hope that I can teach them to love America without them having to experience a tragedy like this. I will never forget. We will never forget. 

Cooking is something I have never made time for, for several reasons, but the excuse I liked to use the most was how Jordan and I were on completely different schedules. 

Over the summer we decided we would get real with ourselves on several levels and one of those levels was creating a new budget that worked better for our family. 

We have always given food the pass in our budget because well it's food, and food is a necessity right? Bologna. 

As we started to go through our food budget I was ready to hurl over and throw up at how much money we were spending. We were acting like we did when we were younger, before marriage, and it was ridiculous. 

I started thinking of ways we could make a difference and obviously the normal response was cooking. Don't judge us but I have no idea what we were thinking before. 

We have been going strong for over a month now and cooking has become my new favorite thing. 

And Jord even thinks I'm a good cook. (or atleast he acts like I am...)

Maybe if I start to feel confident enough I'll even share some recipes with you. Doubtful. :)

I teach the young women, teenagers, at our church and this last week we decided we ladies would participate in a media fast on Sunday's for the month of September. 

Easy squeezy right? I mean I already don't blog on Sunday and I'm good at that. So this should be simple.

Or so I thought. 

The fast goes as follows:

First Sunday - One item
Second Sunday - First Sunday item + one more item
Third Sunday - First/Second item + one more item
And so on and so on. 

Sunday was the first of day and I had to give up pinterest for the day. Oh boy. I don't consider myself to be very addicted to pinterest but I will say it is very easy to get lost in it's grasp. But then again, we have been trying new lifestyle choices around our household and so I've begin to plan family meals for the week on Sundays. Thus, I had to put off my Sunday meal planning until Monday. I thought it wouldn't be hard but it was crazy just how hard it was for me and yesterday it hit me, that it wasn't just a day, it is all of September. 

It made me realize just how impacted I am by different media being in my home which is exactly why we are doing it. I am very surprised I learned that on the very first Sunday when I thought for sure this was going to be a breeze for me. I also learned how much I need to be filling up my time with better things. Because I wasn't on pinterest I decided to read some talks instead. 

I have a long way to go. 

Next week maybe I can get Jord to join. :)