Last night we slept in our bed for the first time since May.

It was amazing after a long day of moving in.

Have I mentioned how much I hate moving? Well I do. And I don't want to do it again for a very long while. The idea of decorating and figuring out what I can do new with our stuff than I did last time is a nice idea but boy putting it to the test is another story. I just want all of the boxes to unpack themselves and find the recycling bin outside.

In all honesty, I am excited to start hanging art on the walls and to make this space our own little home.

We decided after waking up this morning that we would start with the bedroom first since that was the place we would probably be most annoyed about having boxes around. We got through all of the boxes in the bedroom and after finishing had about 3 boxes full of things to give away.

Half way through I sat on the floor for a bit earlier and had to pull myself together. It's hard to get rid of things when you move. There is this idea that you know you don't need it anymore but then you remember the memories you made with those items. It's hard to balance knowing that I will be with Jord forever and there will be many events in our life of significance but then also not want to keep every little detail from events that have already made it significant.

But it's done and we move on and we make new memories and we cherish that memory of that cute shirt he wore on our first date that we just gave to someone new to make memories of their own.

Tomorrow I think we will do the office.

It's good to be home.