- Photos from Jordan's intern friends -- please take note - how goofy is my husband? -

It's hard to believe that after today we only have one more week here in Baltimore. This weekend is our last one to explore. 

The internship at Johns Hopkins this summer has been such a blessing in our lives. Jord has made so many wonderful connections and we have truly met some wonderful people. It feels like we are apart of a little family and I feel so included in the group even though I'm not an intern myself. 

Allow me to brag a little bit because my husband never would and I am the wife so I get to do so.

I can tell how hard Jord has been working based off of the way both his peers and the leaders around the pharmacy interact with him. Around the internship he has become known as the "helmet" because everyone thinks he has "fabulous" hair. I may be a little biased but I do think he has great hair. He has completed a project this summer that he worked long hours on and went above and beyond what was expected. You can't ask for more than that. 

Last night the interns had a farewell dinner as the internship is coming to a close. Some finished this week even. At the dinner each intern's preceptor (boss) had to get up and speak to the intern's summer experience. When Jord's preceptor got done speaking about Jord he gave him a hug and kissed him on the cheek. It indicated to me what a great job my husband did and how hard he has worked to gain respect this summer. 

It was definitely worth it to come here this summer. Even if it meant no sand in my bathing suit and a summer away from our great friends in Charleston that I miss terribly. 

Go Jord!