Over the weekend Jord and I were having a discussion about the whole "keep calm and carry on" poster.

He kept saying whoever came up with that has to be a rich person right now and that he needed to come up with a slogan himself. I told him I thought it had been slung through so much mass production that there was probably no way to find out who originally had made it. 

But then this morning I came across this little number. Oh man it made me so happy. What a story. I now have a new found interest in this poster text that to be quite honest used to drive me a little bit bonkers and make me think of the limited too and claire's. Sorry I am not a fan of either. No offense. 

I decided to design some keep calm posters myself. One for Jord and one for me. Can you guess which one is for him and which one is for me? 

Jord's is based off of one of his actual bowtie patterns. Also, if you are wondering I left the crowns as an homage to the original print. Maybe I'll switch them out for a camera or a bowtie in the future.