How To Be A Photographer and A Wife On Our Family Outings

Since we have been spending so much time together lately in places I just have to photograph I have come up with a list of ways to be a photographer and a wife while out exploring.

1. Set aside enough time and plan ahead. 
If there are shots I know I would like to get while we are out I make sure that we have enough time set aside. There are a few reasons why this is necessary. One being, I don't want to rush my shots and my creative process if I do not have to. Another reason, I don't want my husband to feel like I don't value our time and our schedule.

2. Balance shooting photographs and making memories
As much as I love to always have a camera in my hand, I'm sure my husband doesn't enjoy talking to a lens and I'm almost positive he doesn't want to kiss a lens. I'll have to ask him. There are times when I just have to put down the camera and hold his hand, take in the moment and just live.

3. Match your photo taking timing
You might not know this but I actually started taking photographs because my husband was very into it. (I'll have to tell that story at some point.) Because of this and because we have camera's so readily available on our phone's these days, it isn't unlikely to catch him also snapping pictures. These are times that I utilize to shoot photos.

4. Take photos of one another
This may be unique to our relationship, since Jordan loves photographs as well, but often times I'll hand him my camera and let him click away. We love to teach each other things we have learned about photography. What I love about this is that we will actually have some photos on outings that I am in.

5. K(no)w when to stop
Though we both love to take pictures, we aren't necessarily in love with being in photos. Naturally, I love taking pictures of Jordan because I think he is the cutest thing on the planet, but that doesn't mean he loves me taking pictures of him. When I ask Jord to take a picture and he gives me that look, I know to stop. Side note: He rarely tells me no and if he does then it's usually after I have plenty and am being more a photographer than a wife. I try not to get offended, I'm not perfect at that, because I don't always want my picture taken either.

Hope you have a great weekend. Wonder where we are going this weekend?