This may be the only post I ever make without a photo but it's because I don't want to remember the last few months with anything more than words on this blog.

2013 was shaping up to be the best year of our lives thus far until March came along. I was over 7 weeks pregnant and then suddenly I wasn't. Fortunately, we had made plans but hadn't made too many plans.

I have used private journals to document my life over the past few months because miscarriage is such a painful thing. I feel for anyone who has experienced it. I never thought I would. But I won't say much more here other than it has been hard. Harder than anything I've ever experienced in my life and I think Jord probably feels the same.

But things have gotten easier and though the loss is still there it isn't as painful as it once was. So I am ready to be back and share our lives with you again.

To catch you up to speed, we are winding down our time in Utah this week where I have thrown myself into a photography project that I love and has helped me tremendously. Jord is finishing up his hospital rotation. On Friday, we leave for John Hopkins.

Here's to the summer.