Nena | September 2013

If you were inside my head lately you would know that atleast 80% of my thoughts are with my grandmother whom we lovingly refer to as Nena. 

She was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before Thanksgiving and that came as quite a blow on Thanksgiving day. She is a fighter. A fighter who has muscled through two surgeries. A fighter who has championed to chemo treatments so far. A fighter who is going to beat cancer. You might ask how I know this. 

When I was little, first grade to be exact, my mother also had cancer. I knew that she was going to be okay. I knew it without a doubt and she was. Now maybe I was a silly little first grader but I don't feel that's the case. When I think back on that time I still feel as confident as ever in my thoughts. That's the way I feel about this. I feel calm. I feel peace. I know that God is in complete control and I think thus far He has done everything to make is so my Nena can kick cancer's butt. 

I chose this picture to show you because right before her second chemo treatments my Nena lost her hair. I've yet to see what she looks like without it but I can bet it's beautiful. She takes pride in getting fancy each and everyday. (A trait I didn't inherit as I sit here in my sweatpants typing away.) 

Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.