On Friday mornings I get to go out walking with Roy unlike Jord who gets to do it every other weekday. It's one of my favorite times not only because morning is so rejuvenating and bring beautiful light with it, but because I get to watch Roy explore things and be terrorized/flirted with by the cat next door. He loves that cat. And she loves him. 

Last night while chatting with one of my closest friends on the phone I realized that not all people are dog people and while this makes no sense to me at all I realized it's highly possible that although I've never considered us as such, Jord and I are probably obsessive dog owners...

It's a quality about us that I have certainly grown attracted to. 

We love Roy so much. He will be 4 in the next few months and we have had him since he was 6 weeks old. He has become apart of our family in a way I'm sure many don't understand. My favorite thing about Roy is that he is so forgiving. A natural quality I'm sure most dogs have. One minute I can be scolding him for getting too close to a car and the next minute he is wagging his tail letting me know he doesn't care that I just did so. He keeps me company when Jord is away and I'm sure he does the same for Jord when I'm not here. And I just can't wait to see the fun him and our children have one day. 

Friday mornings are my favorite.